Welcome to The Auralator - Radio Chinwag's time challenge quiz that tests your listening comprehension skills in English

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  • “...the students like doing them and are very engaged in the task” - English Panel Head
  • “...something that many teachers have been waiting for for many years” - NET
  • “Fun” - Student
  • “Exciting new initiative” - NET
  • “Very professionally done and very user-friendly” - NET
  • “The work is awesome” - NET
Audio Quiz
Time Challenge

The Auralator is a pure audio quiz - all instructions and quiz questions will be given in audio files ONLY.

The quiz is a time challenge - you will get a bonus or penalty depending on how fast or slow you are.

How to Login

By playing The Auralator you'll improve your listening skills in English - great for your exams! You'll hear native English speakers from England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia and North America. And it's a fun competition - compare how well you're doing against your friends.

The Auralator is free for all secondary school students in Hong Kong. To get your own Login ID click here. When you're ready click on LOGIN above to get started.